For all Journeymen, once your RRSP application has been filled out and it has been returned to the Hall, it will be sent to Servus Credit Union on your behalf. Your contractor will issue a cheque to Servus Credit Union by the 15th of every month for the previous month deductions. Once Servus receives that cheque, they have two (2) business days to have the money into your account. NO account can be completely opened until monies are deposited on your behalf. Therefore, if you sent in your form and you have contacted Servus Credit Union regarding your account, anf they inform you that you do not have an account open, that just means that no monies have been deposited yet. You should check your account between the 20th – 25th of the month that the earliest for previous months deductions.

If you have any other questions after you have done the above, please feel free to contact Millie at 780-426-2874 ext 250