As a Member of the Asbestos’ Workers Insurance Benefit Trust Fund, the services of Best Doctors are available to you.

Best Doctors is a trusted source for expert, timely and accurate response to your medical concerns. As a covered Plan Member you can utilize Best Doctors for yourself and your dependants. The services offered are outlined below:

The Best Doctors InterConsultation

This is an in-depth review of a your or your dependant’s medical files by Best Doctors world renowned specialists to provide medical opinions and treatment plan options, using the medical tests and results already obtained.

In addition to collecting and reviewing all of the medical files and diagnostic tests, Best Doctors retests pathology at a Centre of Excellence by expert pathologists, renowned for reviewing some of the most complex cases in the world. The collection of medical records and the retesting of pathology are completed by Best Doctors on your behalf and at no cost to you.

Other Best Doctors services

FINDBESTDOC– Best Doctors will complete a customized search using their database of 50,000 world renowned specialists for the best qualified medical expert to meet your specific needs. Best Doctors will arrange referrals, appointments and can help book accommodations if out-of-town travel is required.

FINDBESTCARE – While Best Doctors strives to work within the Canadian healthcare system, they will access hospital and doctor discounts if out of country care is necessary. They will also ensure vital information is sent to the medical specialists involved and will continually monitor your treatment process to help ensure your medical priorities are met.

If you travel away from home to receive treatment, Best Doctors can assist with reservations and accommodations. This can help reduce the stress of receiving the care you need while away from home.

BEST DOCTORS 360°– This unique program was designed to help you navigate the healthcare system by providing information that is individually tailored to meet your needs. Best Doctors 360° provides the resources needed to offer one-on-one support, customized advice and guidance, personally delivered to you.



Surgery Complications

Back Pain

Prostate Cancer

Acquired Deformities

Physical Fitness


For more information on Best Doctors and how to access the services, please contact the Administrator.

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