Suncor Firebag

Brothers and Sisters

Local 110 has been notified that TAMS has had their contract terminated at Suncor Firebag as of March 1, 2021. This contract termination is for all trades on the site working all schedules.

Suncor has informed TAMS that this was a commercial decision directly due to current labour rates. Reinforcing that the safety, quality, and professionalism of the workforce has been exemplary, and they continue to value the relationship between TAMS, and the Union Partners.

Although, this decision comes as a blow due to the long history we have had at the Suncor site and the fact there has been no prior warning to the Membership or our Local. However, this is another clear message that with the downturn in the economy, the push for cost saving from clients in continuing and our relationships, productivity, quality, and ability to supply are not going to keep these contracts.

It is unfortunate that this is not the first time Local 110 has experienced this contract situation from a client and a contractor working under the General Presidents Maintenance Agreements. Previously, it has been contained to the Insulation and Scaffold trades, but now with larger trades such as the Pipefitters being directly attacked our Membership may see drastic changes to the standard maintenance agreements to not only keep work, but provide multi-trade contractors the ability to gain work going forward.

I will provide updates as the office is provided more information.

In solidarity
Kevin Lecht
Business Manager

Office Closed for the Holidays 2020

Good day Union Family

The Local 110 offices in both Edmonton and Calgary will be closed as of 4:30 PM Tuesday December 22, 2020 until 8:00 AM January 04, 2021, for the Christmas break. If there are any emergency calls the phones and website will be updated, with the information on bidding. The Business Agents and I can be reached in emergency by Email or on our cell phones.

This time of year can be difficult at the best of times, and 2020 has not been the best of times for anyone. Across Canada and in our own Membership people are struggling. If you are able reach out to some of these people, please do. It can be a gesture like shoveling their walks, but even making a quick phone call to say hello can help remind people they are not alone.

If you happen to be struggling, please take the time to reach out and ask for help. The CEFAP program is available at 1-800-663-1142, or call Health Link at 811.

When looking back on this year it is easy to remember the negatives, but there have been positives for Local 110. Our Membership purchased a new location for our Calgary office, opening new opportunities in Southern Alberta. Progress has been made towards a new Provincial Construction Collective Agreement. Our Local organized three new companies. There are also positive indications for work in the New Year.

In close I wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. Please stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

In solidarity
Kevin Lecht
Business Manager

Local 110 Official Election Results as per Independent Third Party

There was a total of 947 ballots mailed out with 510 ballots returned.
Local 110 would like to thank our Auditor Al Scherbarth for acting as the independent third party for this election.
Thanks to the Members of our Election Committee Ivan Jerrett (Chair), James Ruddy, Jim Hackenschmidt, Perry Kraus, and Laura Adams, this was not an easy election to be the committee for and we thank you for your participation.
Thank you to all Members who put their names forward in this election. Your participation in the process and in the Local are appreciated.
Lastly, congratulations to all Members that were elected by vote or acclamation. We look forward to your ideas and leadership in the difficult years ahead. There will be difficult decisions in the next four years but working as a team Local 110 will come out stronger and more united on the other side.
The vacant Sgt. At Arms North position will be nominated and elected at the first General Membership Meeting held in 2021.
• Pat Sullivan Acclamation
Vice President
• Dan Annett Acclamation
Business Manager
• Kevin Lecht Elected
Northern Business Agent
• Douglas Casemore Elected
Central Business Agent
• Stacy Edmondson Elected
Southern Business Agent
• Derek Stock Acclamation
Executive Board
• Ralph Bunker Elected
• Alan Davidson Elected
• Andrew Doucet Jr. Elected
• Phillipe Poirier Elected
• Paul Blinzer Elected
Financial Trustees
• Paul Blinzer Acclamation
• Cale Haack Acclamation
• Chris Trevors Acclamation
Sgt. At Arms North
• Vacant
Sgt. At Arms South
• Neil Holatko Acclamation
Recording Secretary
• Janice Matlock Acclamation

Local 110 is sad to announce the passing of Brother Tony Cornacchia 

Local 110 is sad to announce that Member Tony Cornacchia passed away December 8, 2020. Brother Cornacchia has been a Local 110 member, since March 1976 and last worked with Star Insulation in 1994.

A small service will be held for family only.

Local 110 Officers, Staff and Members extend their deepest condolences to all of Brother Cornacchia’s Family & Friends.

Membership communication from GPMC Executive Director Brett McKenzie

Please see below for the Membership communication from GPMC Executive Director Brett McKenzie.
December 11, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Eight months has passed since the last communication from my office and I hoped that we would be in a better place. Unfortunately, the impact of COVID- 19 continues to wreak havoc across the world, and conditions across our country and those within Alberta have become worse. It’s imperative that we all must continue to do our best to protect ourselves and our families as we move towards the holiday season. We all must do our part and continue to follow the established social guidelines in order to ensure our best chance at flattening the curve. According to reports vaccinations will be rolled out shortly, but it will likely be many months before most of us are able to receive treatment. Until then, we must stay the course.
For the last several months you have held things together in Alberta and ensured that the needs of the maintenance industry have been met. The competent and qualified craft personnel represented by your participating union have reported for work and executed all tasks placed before them in a safe and productive manner. I applaud you and thank you for what has been accomplished during these challenging times. Thank you is certainly not enough to express the gratitude and respect which our Committee Members have for the unionized craft personnel across this country. This pandemic could have torn us apart, yet we were able to step up to the plate and deliver. We were able to execute work in a safe manner during these challenging times and from the outside looking in it appears as though it was business as usual. We didn’t miss a beat and kudos goes out to our members, our contractors and our Clients for your hard work and perserverance.
As 2021 approaches, the landscape within the maintenance industry remains unchanged. Covid – 19 is still present, competition for maintenance work remains fierce and we are constantly being challenged to do things differently. Our contractors continue to fight for each and every maintenance contract. There are no guarantees within this industry, and there are no jobs simply handed out without going through a series of stages. Reality is, you are only as good as your last job and cost continues to be a major driver when determining who is awarded future maintenance work. The participating Members of the GPMC/NMC intend on continuing to protect our market share while maximizing employment for our members during these challenging times. In order to do so we will be making some temporary adjustments to the collective agreement. Effective January 1, 2021 there will be a twelve (12) month extension to the ten (10) hour day, two half hour (2- ½ ) breaks, one paid and one unpaid as well as an extension to allow for staggered start times. All particulars may be found on the attached Letters of Understanding.
Please feel free to reach out to your representative on our Committee or to my office should you have any questions.
Brett McKenzie Executive Director GPMC/NMC

Local 110 is sad to announce the passing of Brother Joseph Fike. 

Local 110 is sad to announce that Member Joe “Papa Joe” Fike passed away on December 2, 2020. Papa Joe last worked with Local 110 in 2007 for Westcor at the Long Lake project.

Due to circumstances surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic and the regulations passed, we regret to announce there will be no memorial service at this time. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Lung Association.

Local 110 Members, Staff, and Officers extend our deepest condolences to all of Brother Fike’s Family and Friends.

Bill 32 Submission

Union Financial Disclosure and Dues Election Consultation

This submission is made in response to the request for consultation by the Alberta Ministry of Labour and Immigration, regarding Union dues collection and Union financial disclosure required under Bill 32.

This submission is made on behalf of the Membership of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, Local 110.

Organization and Background

The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and (Asbestos Workers) Allied Workers, Local 110 was chartered in the Province of Alberta May 01, 1950.

Local 110 currently represents Members working in the Mechanical Insulation Trade, Firestopping Industry, and Asbestos/Hazardous Removal in the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors of our economy. In comparison to most labour organization in Alberta, Local 110 is considered to be relatively small. However, our organization is the largest Local throughout our International, with over 2000 Members represented.

Since the beginning our focus has been to better the working conditions and lifestyle of our Members, their Families, and Albertans in general. Working with these goals in mind Local 110 participates in collaborative collective bargaining with our Signatory Contractors. Local 110 provides a Health and Welfare Plan that covers over 3000 Canadians through Member participation. The Asbestos Worker Pension Plan has over 4000 Canadians currently receiving a pension or entitled to one in the future, allowing for the ability to retire with dignity. Local 110 has partnered with Synergy Respiratory Care, to not only provide care to our Members and Families, but to participate in long term studies regarding respiratory health. Additionally, Local 110 participates through our International with the Insulators Tissue Bank at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, that provides tissue to researchers around the world trying to find a cure for mesothelioma and lung cancers. These are just some of the benefits provided to our Members and the community, that are fully or partially funded through Union dues.

Local 110 is a fully democratic organization. Local 110 conducts secret ballot elections for all Union Management position, this includes President, Vice President, Business Manager, three Business Agents, five Executive Board Members, three Financial Trustees, two Sergeant at Arms, and one Recording Secretary. Although those elected are the management of the Union, all major decisions regarding the Union including the finances of the Union are voted on by the Membership at Monthly General Membership Meetings. This provides for a true majority rule governance of the Union.


Even with the unprecedented economic times, with COVID-19 and the Alberta economy in a sharp downturn Local 110 has dispatched a total of 1209 people to work with Signatory Contractors. This is less than one third of our normal yearly average. However, this is still a significant number of people that these Contractors were able to save the costs of recruiting, training, and mobilizing. The orderly dispatch process, with all its contributing parts, is a cornerstone of Local 110, and a core function of our Union for our Members and Signatory Contractors.

Union Financial Disclosure

  1. Local 110 is required by the International Constitution and Bylaws to provide financial disclosure to both our Membership and the International.

This is completed in a number of ways:

  • All expenditures are approved through previous motions voted on by the Membership.
  • Monthly financial reports are provided to the Membership at the General Membership Meetings. These reports are read out and presented on screen for review, with time for questions.
  • Quarterly the three Elected Financial Trustees meet to review all expenditures and ensure they are all appropriate, having proper motions documented for the expense, and proper documentation of the expense. After the review a report is provided by the Financial Trustees at the next General Membership Meeting.
  • Yearly an independent financial audit is conducted of the Local. These audits are presented in full at the next General Membership Meeting as well a copy is provided to the International office.
  • The International office also requires that International Vice Presidents enter the Local to review the financials throughout the year. Additionally, random audits are conducted by independent auditors supplied by the International.
  • All Members of Local 110 have the right to review the financials of the Local at anytime. The only stipulations are they must first set up an appointment and no copies are to be removed from the office.

With all these points of financial disclosure open to our Membership, Local 110 does not feel that government mandated disclosure is necessary or appropriate. However, if mandated additional disclosure should be tied to the yearly independent financial audit. In this way it will provide all relevant information without unmanageable extra cost to the Membership or skewed by Union Management.

  1. Unions should have the discretion to decide the best method of communication for financial disclosure to their Membership. However, in the case of Local 110 the current method of monthly reports at the General Membership Meetings and the ability for Members to review all financials at the Local Union office should satisfy the requirement.
  1. Any rules regarding the production of Local 110 financial statements must provide for confidentiality. This information has the ability to be used in negative ways against our organization, by a number of groups that would not be subject to the same requirements under legislation.

Union Dues Election/Revocation

Providing each Member, the option to opt “in” or “out” of specific portions of Union dues will be a costly and onerous task for both Contractors and the Union.

Due to the nature of our trade the, majority of Local 110 Members work short term projects, usually less than three months. These Members hire on for the project and when completed are laid off to seek employment with another Contractor. It is common for Members to have four or five employers in one year, and at the same time Contractors consistently increasing and reducing manpower can lead to hundreds if not thousands of employees in a year. The process required by a Contractor to ensure compliance with the legislation, would result in extensive administrative work causing onboarding delays that could result in project delays. These delays are unacceptable for Clients in shutdown, turnaround, or emergency situation.

  1. Any processes for opting in and opting out need to be simple as possible – both so that they are easily understood by members and easier to implement by unions and employers.
  2. Any reporting regarding any changes in the proportion of non-core expenses should be no more frequent than a union’s financial statements – so, at most frequent, annually
  3. The regulation should give discretion to unions to determine when and how a member can make or change an election.
  4. Local 110 cannot see anyway a “line-by-line” election on individual expenses would be feasible or cost effective.

The focus of Union dues is broken into two categories. The first is “core” this is dues that are utilized for the core functions of a Union and are not able to be opted out of, the second is “non-core” and is somewhat defined as political activities and causes. This “non-core” portion may become subject to individual Members opt “in” or “out” choice.

Political Activities

Local 110 is a nonpartisan organization. Our Membership is made up of all sectors of the population, with every possible political viewpoint. Local 110 believes in a collaborative approach to politics, focused on working with all parties to achieve the goals of Local 110. To this end Local 110 has not made any donations to any political parties since 2015.

All political activities of Local 110 are clearly defined and focused on issues that directly affect our Membership, due to their chosen profession. Lobbying, political engagement, responding to government requests for information to be used in the development of government legislation and policy, and informing the public on issues, are all core activities of a Union and would be impossible to separate from day to day operations.


The term causes leaves much to interpretation. Local 110 has always been active with charities throughout Alberta. Giving to such organizations as Alberta Cancer Foundation, Alberta Lung Association, Alberta Diabetes Foundation, and the Hope Mission to name a few. Even in the lowest points of employment during the 1980s Local 110 provided funds to organizations such as the Food Bank and others that were helping thousands of Albertans including some of our Members. Above these donations, when a Member passes their family has the option of in lieu of flowers a donation will be made to the charity of their choice.


Additionally, causes could extend into funds that are required to be remitted to by the International. Such as the Disaster Relief Fund that helped Members during the Fort McMurray Fires and Calgary Floods, or the funding for the Insulator tissue bank listed earlier. These “causes” are requirements of Membership with the International and if allowed to be part of an opt in or opt out process will still be required to be paid on all Members to the International office. As such mandatory “causes” that are required by a Unions parent organization must be part of the required dues structure.


Local 110 makes this submission while reserving its right to challenge the constitutionality of both the changes to the Labour Relations Code giving rise to the regulations and the regulations themselves. The proposed amendments of the Labour Relations Code and the regulations encroach on the Union and our Members Freedom of Association and Freedom of Expression to collectively fulfill our goals. The amendments seek to hold Unions to requirements which no other organization in Canada is required to abide, for no reason other than being a Union.

In close, Local 110 is an affiliate of the Building Trades of Alberta, as required by our International Constitution and Bylaws, as such we support the submission provided by Executive Director Terry Parker.


GPMC 2020 RJW Bursary Winners

Good day Union Family

The General Presidents Maintenance Committee offers each year one hundred $2000 bursaries for children of Union Members, who contribute manhours toward the General Presidents Maintenance Agreements (GPMA and NMA).  This year 46 of these bursaries were awarded to children of Alberta Union Members.

Local 110 would like to congratulate all the winners. However, a special congratulations goes to the children of three Local 110 Members who were recipients for the 2020-2021 year.

  • Alex Cameron, son of Journeyman Member David Cameron
  • Christine Tao, Daughter of Journeyman Member Jian Tao
  • Meghan Capicio, Daughter of Local 110 Dispatcher Leslie Ratke

If interested, the application for the 2021-2022 RJB Bursary will be posted on the GPMC website early next year. For more information please check their website.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager

Closed-Circuit Union Meetings

Good day Union Family

Since 2016, Local 110 has been able to host our monthly General Membership Meeting in both Calgary and Edmonton through our Closed-Circuit Polycom system. This has allowed for increased Membership engagement, by allowing Members attending in Calgary to make motions, vote, and ask questions as one meeting.

There were really only two issues that have come up hosting our meeting in this fashion. One, the Polycom system had become outdated and costly to maintain. Two, the Local was still hosting Information Meetings in Red Deer and Fort McMurray to help keep Members informed of the results of the General Membership Meeting.

Fortunately, at the March General Membership Meeting, the last meeting before COVID suspension of all meetings, a motion was made to upgrade and revamp the Local 110 communication system. Now with the Calgary office moving to the new location the final steps in the upgrade are being completed. However, the more interesting point is that as part of this upgrade two mobile communication systems have been added. These systems will allow Local 110, once cleared for General Membership Meetings through the International, to chair the General Membership Meeting from Edmonton and at the same time have the Membership attending and participating in the meeting from Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray.

The original plan was, similar to when Calgary started participating online, information meetings would continue for a short time to help Members during the transition. This was supposed to happen until December 2020. Obviously due to COVID this has not been able to be rolled out as originally planned. Further communication will be provided once there is clearance from the International to resume the regular General Membership Meeting schedule.

I have had a number of calls asking why with the advancements in online communication the Local is not looking at allowing the Membership log into General Membership Meetings from home using systems like Google Meets, Zoom, etc. The only reason that the Local will not be doing this is in short control. There is no ability for the Local to control where the information is going if anyone can log into the meeting. There could be nonmembers logging into the meeting or just sitting in with a Member who is in the meeting. There is also no way of controlling people recording the meeting. This has come up as an issue with Local 110 in the past, the meetings and what is said in them is for the Membership not to be downloaded to social media. As well controlling the cross talk, questions, background noise, etc. would be almost impossible making the entire meeting futile.

Hopefully, I have answered a few questions and provided our Members something to look forward to when General Meetings resume. There will also be discussion with the Local 110 Executive Board at the next meeting to set a date and time for the next Town Hall Zoom meeting for Local 110.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager

Remembrance Day

Good day Union Family

This is a reminder to all Members that the Edmonton and Calgary Offices will be closed tomorrow Wednesday November 11, 2020 due to Remembrance Day.

I encourage all Members to take some time to reflect on the importance of the day.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager